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Remodeling your home is a big decision that could potentially require a significant investment. Like anything else worth caring about, it’s important to take great care in how you choose your remodeling contractor. Throughout our process you will notice our attention to every detail and our constant communication to keep everything out in the open.


Clients should gather their thoughts on what exactly they’d like to have done in their home remodeling project, keeping in consideration things such as space, design, budget and possible restrictions set either by Home Owners Associations or city codes. During this process it’s important to also consider the service one expects from their remodeling professionals. It’s a fair assessment to say that as in most things in life, “you get what you pay for”. While Built by Grace believes in providing superior service at the lowest possible cost, our expertise and attention to detail is invaluable.

If we are fortunate enough to be considered for your project, the initial contact begins with the client filling out some basic and preliminary information through our Quote Request form. This form asks simple questions that will help set expectations for both the client and Built by Grace.


Built by Grace will immediately begin assessing the quote request and determine appropriate costs and scheduling availability for your Arizona remodeling project. Once it has been determined that Built by Grace is fortunate enough to take on the project, a formal quote is created. During this time, Built by Grace may reach out to the client to ask for more detailed information so that quotes are as accurate as possible. This helps to avoid any surprise expenses that may arise due to lack of detail of communication.


The client’s quote will come along with a statement of work whereby Built by Grace provides details of the project, which will include breakdowns of materials, labor and outside expenses that may include permits for construction. Built by Grace and the client will review the statement of work together ensuring that nothing is left out and again avoiding any unexpected issues. Having done countless custom home remodeling in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Gilbert, Tempe and Mesa throughout the Valley, we can provide insight on the feasibility and cost of your project.


Should the Statement of Work be agreed upon and the partnership continues, Built by Grace will identify the earliest possible availability to begin work. The statement of work will be updated with timelines complete with a date of completion. During this process, Built by Grace will be flexible in working with the client to find the best mutually feasible timeline.


50% of estimated project fees will be collected once work begins and and final amount due upon satisfactory completion. Other payment terms may be worked out if necessary.


Built by Grace stands firmly behind their work and guarantees 100% satisfaction. We guarantee our work for up to two years for major projects so that the client feels confident that Built by Grace doesn’t simply get the job done as quickly as possible and disappear. Terms of this warranty will be discussed upon the activation of the partnership.

With any project there are possible unforeseen issues, but it is our mission to be open and honest about everything we do so that the client is as confident as possible with their decision. Home remodeling can be a large expense and we fully understand the commitment it takes. We want to be your partner throughout this process and ensure it’s an enjoyable one

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