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By on Jun 3, 2013 in East Valley Kitchen Remodeling |

Built by Grace | Chandler Kitchen Remodeling  There are a lot of things to consider when preparing for your first Kitchen Remodel. Built By Grace has prepared a comprehensive list to help you get started. Using this guide will help ensure that both Built by Grace and the client get their East Valley Kitchen Remodeling project done correctly! Scope out the checklist by clicking “more” below! 1. What is my budget? (The general rule of thumb for optimal resale value is 10-20% of your homes value) 2. When would I like my kitchen to be completed? 3. Decide what you can do yourself and what you’d like a pro to do. This can help save you money, but know your limits and set your expectations accordingly.  Some ideas to get you thinking about what you think you can do yourself or have Built by Grace do professionally: • Demolition • Design • Dishwasher Installation • Faucet Installation • Floor Plan Design • Flooring Installation • Cabinet Installation • Painting • Sink Installation • Electrical   4. Decide what is a necessity and what is a desire. This point ties closely into your budget. If you are tight on your budget, consider the things you can do at a later date. But also consider long term savings as some things are easier to do during the initial process than going in after the fact. Consult with your Chandler Kitchen Remodeling specialist at Built by Grace to find out what some of those options are. • Appliances • Back splash • Cabinets • Counter tops • Doors • Electrical • Faucets • Flooring • Garbage Disposal • Lighting Fixtures • Plumbing • Sinks • Walls • Windows   5. Select your materials and consider them when determining budget. People often forget. Keep in mind material costs are some times at wholesale when purchased by contractors so contact your Chandler Kitchen Remodel specialist at Built by Grace before you make a decision. It can also save you the hassle of having to lug all of the heavy items around yourself. They can also help you with the pros and cons of each different style. For instance, do you want a farm sink, granite sink, composite sink or stainless steel sink? What are the disadvantages of each type? Too many options can sometimes become your enemy, but...

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