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By on Jan 22, 2016 in East Valley Kitchen Remodeling, Handyman, Home, Home Improvement |

Your Chandler handyman or general contractor can help you to not only remodel your kitchen, but do it the right way. Hire a Chandler Handyman: Get it Done Right As we covered previously, you should really hire a handyman to install your cabinets.  Why?  Because so much can go wrong. Do you know why you should hire a handyman to handle all of your kitchen remodeling project?  In addition to proper planning there is also the problem of bad merchandise.  In fact, not inspecting cabinets immediately after delivery is a common mistake that people make.  Most of the time, homeowner’s get caught to involved in the preliminary work that needs to be done during a remodeling project.  They’re usually in for a shock.  They open the cabinet boxes on the day the project is to start and find out that the cabinets are either defective, or they are the wrong type of size. One of the things a handyman is going to do is open all the boxes and inspect each cabinet to make sure they are ready to go. The same holds true for your hardware.  He will make sure you have the correct number of knobs, handles and pulls as well as the correct amount of hinges or any other hardware necessary for installation. More importantly, for safety reasons, he’ll use the right-sized fasteners to install the cabinets to the wall. A good kitchen remodeling project isn’t just cabinets and appliances, however.  There’s also lighting. What do cabinets have to do with lighting? Almost everything.  Are you going to do any under-cabinet lighting?  Or are you going to do recessed lighting or track lighting? This also ties to measurement and kitchen design.  Too few lights and your kitchen will look like a cave.  Too many lights, or lights put too close together, you’re going to need sunglasses when you cook.  There is an even more obvious reason why a handyman contractor can help you install cabinets better than you could yourself.  Weight. Install Kitchen Cabinets: Spoiler, They’re Heavy Attempting to install cabinets alone is a disaster waiting to happen.  : Cabinets are awkward, heavy and difficult to install. and it is easily a two-person job at the very least.  And what else...

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