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Ok, let’s say you want to hire a Chandler handyman for something new.  How about adding a room to your house? What You Should Know About Room Additions Room additions are a good idea to improve your home.  As your handyman service in Chandler, however, there are some do’s and don’ts to consider. According to the site American Home Shield: “1. Do Increase the Size of Your Kitchen It’s said that any kitchen improvement project will add to the value of your home. When considering a kitchen addition, make sure that what you’re doing is functional for your current needs and the potential needs of future buyers. Keep your own taste and wants in mind to create your dream kitchen, but if you plan on selling anytime in the near future, remember to keep it functional and neutral. Chef’s kitchens are a huge selling point and stone countertops with upgraded appliances are always a plus. 2. Don’t Overbuild for the Size of Your Lot Adding square footage to your home will almost always pay off, unless it’s at the expense of your lot size. Enlarging a kitchen, adding a sunroom, additional bedrooms or bathrooms will increase the value of your home, but remember that you, and potential buyers, will want outdoor living space as well. If you build to the edge of your property lines you’re eliminating the opportunity for landscaping, patio space and kid’s play areas. You also may upset neighbors. Your homeowner’s association, or city, may have regulations as to how far you can build on your lot, so be sure to check that and pull all the proper permits before any addition. 3. Do Add Additional Bathrooms Just like a kitchen addition, adding one or more bathrooms to your house will likely add value to your home now, and when you are ready to sell. Whether you’re adding a powder room to the main floor, or increasing the number of bathrooms that accommodate the bedrooms, you almost can’t go wrong. You may want to consult with a professional to be sure that both the location and functionality of the additional bathroom makes sense with your home’s layout. 4. Don’t Overdo Specialized Customization If your intention is...

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