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A Job for a Chandler Handyman:  Cabinet Repair and Refurbishing

A Job for a Chandler Handyman: Cabinet Repair and Refurbishing

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Cabinet repair is just another job for a Chandler handyman. Do You Need to Repair Your Cabinets? Do you need to repair your kitchen or bathroom cabinets?  A Chandler handyman can help with that. When do you know it is time?  Simple.  You can tell by the state of the cabinets. Scratches, chipped paint, broken wood.  All of these are signs that you might need to have your cabinets fixed by a handyman in Chandler.  When you’re looking for a handyman service, it is a good idea to consider these helpful hints from Life Hacker: “Resist the temptation to pick up the phone book and start leafing through it, looking for nearby handymen or general contractors. There are better ways to find good, reputable contractors who do good work and are willing to stand behind what they do. The key however is that you have to do your research and your homework before you hire and stay engaged while they work. You can’t cut corners here—there are plenty of bad handymen out there willing to do shoddy work and charge you a ton of money, and they give the good ones who are eager for your business a bad name. Here’s how to find—and support—those good guys. Start Your Search in the Right Places The first step to finding a great contractor or handyman is to start by searching in the right places. Even if you do own a phone book, resist the urge to start flipping through it. This isn’t the kind of decision you want to leave to chance, or to the person with the biggest ad. Here are a couple of places to start your search: Yelp: You’d be surprised at the things people review on Yelp, and you can easily find contractors, maintenance companies, and handymen all listed with detailed contact information, photos of their work, and plenty of customer reviews to help you decide how the person’s work really is. While you should always take Yelp reviews with a grain of salt, I’ve seen a number of contractors with great reviews, written by cutomers who actually shared their photos to back up their assertions. There’s a little “people only come here to rant when...

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