Tempe Handyman Service

Built by Grace is your Tempe handyman service, and we have a lot of things that we can help you with.

We’re experienced.  We can do home remodeling as well as household repairs.  What does this mean for you?  This means that you can rest assured that we will do the project right the first time all with the highest levels of professionalism and pride in our work.

Who Do You Call For Home Improvement? Your Tempe Handyman

We are a professional handyman service in Tempe. Paint, drywall, electrical, plumbing, installation, and repair are just a few of the areas that we can help you with.  Let’s start with electrical work first.

Your Electrical Contractor

electrical repair

Install Electrical Outlets

How about putting in a new light fixture?  We can help with that.  Want to replace your ceiling fan?  Avoid injury and damage by calling us instead of trying it on your own.  Do you want a safer electrical outlet?  That’s exactly the sort of electrical repair that we can easily do for you.  However, in addition to your wiring, another area we can also help with is plumbing issues.

Plumbing Issues?  Call Our Handyman Service in Tempe

When facing a plumbing issue, most people think they have to call a plumber.  However, we can help with a lot of simple plumbing repairs and fixes such as:

sink repair plumber

Clogged Drain? Call Us Now


  • Fixing leaking toilets
  • Replacing water heaters
  • Replacing  garbage disposals
  • Install and replace angle stops

But what about  your drywall and your paint?

Painting and other related home repair services are things that Built by Grace can give you a lot of help with.  Let’s look at drywall first.

hanging sheetrock

Drywall Repair Experts

Drywall Repair, Texture,  & Replacement

Drywall is the stuff that makes up the inner walls and ceilings of your home.  As a result, when it gets water damaged or something happens to it, it becomes an eyesore.  We offer drywall repair and replacement as part of our handyman services in Tempe.  Once we have put the drywall in, unless you have matched your paint to the same white as the drywall, we can also paint your home as well.

handyman painter

Your Affordable Handyman Painter

Painting: All Part of a Handyman in Tempe’s Job

Painting is easy.  All you need to do is go to the hardware store or home improvement center and buy a few gallons of paint, put some plastic sheeting down and grab your brushes, rollers, and trays, right?  Wrong.  There’s more to painting your home  than choosing a color and pouring it in a foil pan.  Built By Grace’s Tempe handyman can help you with a lot of painting prep work as well as house painting itself.  We can do tasks like :

  • Taping
  • Texture
  • Painting

Contact us today.  We are your one stop handyman service in Tempe.

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