Looking for a Remodeling Contractor? What You Should Know (Conclusion

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Interview Candidates: Once you verify the credentials of all the contractors, the next step is to narrow down the contenders list to three. You should avoid working with many contractors mainly because you might get confused. When narrowing down the list, it is important to ensure that the final contractors have the capacity to handle the project effectively. You can do this by checking and reviewing the previous jobs. Some of the things that you should look out for in the previous jobs done include the quality of the finished project, and whether the project was done on time and on budget.

Questions that you should ask a remodeling contractor during a hiring interview

Although the answers that you will get from the contractors are essential, how they answer to your questions is also imperative. A contractor who cannot answer your questions properly during an interview is not convenient for the job mainly because it would be difficult to communicate during the project. Some of the questions that you should ask the contractors include how much value will the project add to your home, does the contractor has necessary legal documentations and whether the contractor is insured. You should also ask the contractor whether the bid is an estimate or fixed. It is also important to know the experience of the contractor.


Once you make your decision on the right remodeling contractor, the last step is to write a contract. The contract should be in writing. It should also be professional, fair and balanced. Some of the vital details that should be included in the contract include the bid price and the payment schedule, the site plan, specifics about the scope of work, and an express limited warranty. The contract should also include the sequential schedule of the construction tasks, a clause about dispute resolution, a waiver of alien and a procedural list for close-out.

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