General Contractors and What They Can Do For Your Home (Contd.)

General Contractors and What They Can Do For Your Home (Contd.)

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There are several reasons to hire a general contractor to help you with projects around the house.  One of the reasons is time.

Hiring a General Contractor Saves You Time

A General Contractor Can Have a Remarkable Effect oh Home Remodeling | (480) 726-0011

A General Contractor Can Have a Remarkable Effect oh Home Remodeling | (480) 726-0011

As we covered previously, a handyman can help you make home repairs and improvements.

A lot of projects that you would expect to take a few days may end up taking weeks before its completion. However, a Gilbert handyman or a general contractor would ensure that he/she keeps the project within the specified time for completion.

Hiring general contracting services has a greater impact on cost. Because many subcontractors charge on an hourly basis, they will charge more when they are dealing directly with the homeowner and considering the lack of a guiding force, they may delay the project to get more hours. Want another reason to hire a general contractor? How about saving money?

A Handyman in Gilbert Can Save You Money

Conversely general contracting services include access to materials in bulk thus alleviating the burden of homeowners having to pay a higher price. Individual homeowners, therefore, get better deals from general contractors than having to buy the materials personally. A general contractor may receive discounts at lumberyards and supply houses. This will ensure that you get materials that will give a customized look to your project.

Some things to consider when hiring general contracting services:

I. Experience. The longer the contractor has been in business, the better. Always consider those general contractors that have been in the industry for a longer time.

II. References. If the contractor you are considering cannot supply you with references of his/her previous jobs, consider it as a red flag that they may not have the relevant skills tackle your project.

III. Licensing, insurance and bonding. Reputable contractors should have with them a general liability and workman’s comp insurance as well being bonded. Always ask to see the licenses, write down the license number and then call local home builder’s association to certify that the licenses are up-to-date and whether there is any complaint leveled against them.

IV. Look at the advance payment required by the contractor. Any advance payment before the commencement of any project should not be more than 10% to 20% of the total price.
V. Subcontractors. Ensure that subcontractors such as electricians and plumbers operating with the general contractor are licensed and certified in their area of expertise.

Above all else, make sure that they work with your schedule.  It won’t do you much good if they work totally incompatible hours.  So do a bit of research and you will find the right general contractor for your project.


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