General Contractors and What They Can Do For Your Home (Conclusion)

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Hiring a general contractor makes good sense for home repairs and improvements.

As we covered previously, hiring general contracting services has a greater impact on cost. Apart from throwing insights on what general contractors need to have, there are some responsibilities that homeowners need to honor to develop a good rapport with contractors.

What You Should Communicate to Your General Contractor

A Good Remodeling Project Depends on Information | (480) 726-0011

A Good Remodeling Project Depends on Information | (480) 726-0011

I. Be concise and clear about what you want. According to several contractors, homeowners with well-defined and realistic goals are usually the most satisfied. Lay out your expectations clearly and ask questions in case there is an aspect of the project that makes you unhappy.
II. Be available and willing to accept estimates. Depending on the scope of your project, contractors will provide you with estimates anywhere from the first day to several weeks after, it is vital for you to be available to have a glance at the estimates.
III. Make payments on time and early. It is your responsibility as a customer to pay contractors their fees as per the guidelines stated in the signed contract. However, as stated earlier, never pay an advance payment more than 10% to 20% of the total price of the project before the project is complete.

Hiring the Right General Contractor

IV. Say a word to contractors you reject. Since you contacted many contractors while trying to get the best price, it is important to let them know when you get the services you wanted elsewhere. Though estimates are free to customers, they cost contractors a significant amount of their time and thus it is professional and polite to pass a word to left out contractors so that they can focus their efforts on other projects.
V. Build trust in your contractor. Once you have verified the contractor’s certification, experience level and capability to provide quality work, you should bestow confidence in his/her ability to effectively finish the job.
With extensive training and experience in managing large, involved or complicated projects, general contractors are an invaluable part of more significant projects such as adding new living areas, constructing new floor or extensive remodels such as kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

Ultimately, it’s about the best fit.  Get someone who you feel you can trust.  That way you know that you not only have hired a professional, you’ve hired the best handyman in Gilbert.

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