Bathroom Remodeling? Hire a Contractor (Contd.)

Bathroom Remodeling? Hire a Contractor (Contd.)

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A general contractor can help you remodel your bathroom in the only viable way: the right way.

As we covered previously, make sure that you know the building codes for your area, or better yet, call your Chandler handyman.

Bathroom Remodeling is all about getting the right elements installed | (480) 726-0011

Bathroom Remodeling is all about getting the right elements installed | (480) 726-0011

Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy: Call a Pro In

One mistake that a lot of homeowners make is that they design a bathroom with too little storage space. Remember you spend a fair amount of time in your bathroom each and every day. Living with a bathroom that has limited storage can be frustrating. A visitor may look at your bathroom and love it, but they’re not the one tripping over beauty products, cleaning products, your hair dryer, or your toilet brush. Look at pedestal sinks.

You gush over a pedestal sink and sniff at getting any sort of cabinets installed.  You want a bathroom that is charming and nostalgic.  Do you know what another way of describing charming and nostalgic is?  Outdated and awkward.  Well, you got your wish, and now you have nowhere to put anything. You’ll have to balance everything on the edges of the sink and curse like a sailor when you drop your shampoo for the umpteenth time. Maybe in a guest bathroom this can work. Let your house guests suffer a bit, it might give them an incentive to keep their visits brief, but for your bathroom, it isn’t acceptable.  Consult a handyman if you have doubts.

Storage Space and Fixtures: Consult your Handyman

Install bathroom cabinets, put in shelves, use your wall space effectively. There’s no such thing as too much storage space.  Another big mistake that people make when they’re remodeling their bathrooms is to pick the wrong sort of fixtures.  You’ve always dreamed of installing an antique claw-footed bathtub, or maybe an elegant Florentine marble sink. What happens when it’s time to sell your home?  You have a young couple moving in and they take a look at your bathroom, and hastily beat a retreat to the next property on their “look at” list.  A double vanity and double sink?  A great idea for a family.  That way you don’t have as large of a line outside of the bathroom door and tempers won’t fray as much.  Make sure that your fixtures have almost universal appeal.  Don’t get into too hip colors and a retro feel.  Make sure it won’t be outdated as soon as it is installed.  That’s another thing a handyman can help you with.

Remodeling your bathroom is easy.  Call us.  We are your professional bathroom remodeling contractors in the East Valley.

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