Bathroom Remodeling: Hire a Handyman Contractor

Bathroom Remodeling: Hire a Handyman Contractor

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Bathroom remodeling is a wonderful way to transform your home. There are two different ways to go about it. You can go for a store bought solution, which will probably cost you a few thousand dollars, or you can contact a handyman instead.

Built by Grace is Your Handyman Expert for Bathroom Remodeling | (480) 726-0011

Built by Grace is Your Handyman Expert for Bathroom Remodeling | (480) 726-0011

Contact a Handyman for Bathroom Remodeling?

We know what you’re thinking. Contact a handyman for bathroom remodeling? Don’t those people just do cabinets, and odd jobs around the house? A handyman has to be a licensed contractor with the state of Arizona.

As a result, there are several areas of expertise that he has to have. Carpentry, tile, flooring, drywall, all these things are part and parcel to bathroom remodeling in Phoenix, and also part of the skill set that separates him from his competitors.

You also want to make sure that even if he says he can do bathroom remodeling that he has a portfolio of his work to show you.  That way you know you’ve got the right guy for the job.  As to why you should hire a handyman for bathroom remodeling, part of it is the connections that he will likely have.

Bathroom Remodeling in Phoenix: A Handyman’s Connections and Ties

A handyman in Phoenix is going to have ties to suppliers that you are just not going to have access to, unless you have a business license. Do you know where you can buy a mahogany vanity and bathroom bureau at cost? How about affordable tile and grout? What about fixtures? Where can you buy cheap plumbing fixtures? Your Phoenix handyman knows and will be able to pass those savings onto you. However, it’s not just for savings and connections that you want to get a handyman to do your bathroom remodeling project. There is also pride and the handyman’s reputation in the community.

A big box store can remodel your bathroom, but you will probably have to finance it as there is a big time sticker shock connected with working with them. And almost all of the money goes out of state. A local handyman contractor will keep the money in your town and your state with very little of it going anywhere else. So let’s recap, shall we?

They help to save you money, check. They are a local business, so the money stays local, check. They know what they’re doing, check. All very good reasons to hire a handyman for a bathroom remodeling project.

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